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» 21/03/15 15:41 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
A couple years ago we encountered an interesting neighbor while camping. to this day we are still unsure what to make of it. Enjoy! (Warning: Explicit Language) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPMHqBesgGA Weird Noises in Tent I woke up t...

» 12/11/14 11:19 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
We have been working on editing some videos and developing services with new exciting features on www.hankshosts.com - More details will be coming soon! Here is a sneak peak of our movie database (still in beta): http://www.hankshosts.co...

» 05/01/14 21:52 from HanksHosts.com

» 29/04/13 14:24 from HanksHosts.com
i think we need some more fat cunts on hankshosts Statistics: Posted by fatcunt — Mon Apr 29, 2013 6:24 pm — Replies 0 — Views 109

» 07/05/12 23:34 from HanksHosts.com
Nuff Said. Statistics: Posted by Admin — Tue May 08, 2012 3:34 am — Replies 2 — Views 1136

» 04/05/12 23:21 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
As of today, it has been exactly 1 year since the domain "HanksHosts.com" has been registered. HanksHosts existed before the domain HanksHosts.com though. Perhaps someone remembers hankshosts.org.org? that was the free subdomai...

» 02/05/12 20:20 from HanksHosts.com
Don't You just hate when this happens?! Statistics: Posted by Admin — Thu May 03, 2012 12:20 am — Replies 1 — Views 1503

» 02/05/12 19:54 from HanksHosts.com
Come see hank for a business card! If you haven't seen any laying around at school yet you must come and see me or contact me for a business card! Statistics: Posted by Admin — Wed May 02, 2012 11:54 pm — Replies 0 — Views 780

» 02/05/12 19:38 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
It has been over a year since HanksHosts started. Remember this site?: http://hmproductions.pbworks.com/f/index.html I Freaking do! More here: http://hankshosts.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=527 HanksHosts.com View topic - 1 Year of ...

» 02/05/12 19:36 from HanksHosts.com
It has been over a year since hankshosts started! remember this site?: http://hmproductions.pbworks.com/f/index.html I freaking do! HanksHosts originally started as a Computer Science school project. I got interested in web design, so I ...

» 30/04/12 19:32 from HanksHosts.com
HanksHosts Uploads has been discontinued due to vulnerabilities to the site. Instead, I encourage you to share your files on the Miscelaneous Information Forum on this board. Thanks for you're continuous support! Statistics: Posted by Ad...

» 30/04/12 19:23 from HanksHosts.com
True Story Statistics: Posted by Admin — Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:23 pm — Replies 1 — Views 1036

» 01/03/12 09:01 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall

» 17/01/12 12:29 from HanksHosts.com
Statistics: Posted by HadenHiles007Yo — Tue Jan 17, 2012 5:29 pm — Replies 1 — Views 961

» 16/01/12 12:45 from HanksHosts.com
Do it up Hank! Statistics: Posted by HadenHiles007Yo — Mon Jan 16, 2012 5:45 pm — Replies 1 — Views 1145

» 12/12/11 01:15 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
http://hankshosts.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=5 Suggest Games for HanksHosts.com Here! Tell me what games to add to HanksHosts.com! Hankshosts.com - Forum hankshosts.com This forum includes the Official hankshosts.com forum and special Tea...

» 10/12/11 21:34 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
It is decided, HanksHosts.com will be the domain name for this website.

» 09/12/11 13:47 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
Vote Now! HGAME.CA

» 06/12/11 01:11 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
HGame.ca Has Gone Christmasy on its title!

» 05/12/11 22:46 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
Poll which domain is better? Answer here: http://hgame.ca/ HGame.ca - Home hgame.ca HGame.ca - Free Games and Information

» 04/12/11 20:33 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
Hankshosts.com is now HGame.ca! Filled with tonnes of games and tonnes more to come!

» 30/10/11 14:15 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
Having trouble finding that game on HanksHosts.com you want? Well Now you can search for that game! In this update i have included a basic searching function to help you find what you are looking for! When you search, it sorts the result...

» 10/10/11 23:10 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
HanksHosts Games Has Finally Been Updated! It is now making use of PHP and MySQL databases making it much (much) more easier to post games to my site meaning there will be many more games to come! The games on hankshosts.com are now very...

» 06/10/11 23:06 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
Rest in peace Steve jobs, your an inspiration and will go down in history as one who revolutionized the entertainment industry.

» 29/08/11 00:43 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT AT HANKSHOSTS.COM - Post topics and reply, attach files, have your own personal profile and much more! HanksHosts.com/forum HanksHosts.com Index page hankshosts.com

» 25/08/11 02:22 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
Come see Hank for a Business Card!

» 18/08/11 00:31 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
The HanksHosts.com Facebook page is now updated, Check it out here!

» 07/08/11 22:09 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
These are all of the games available at HanksHosts.com HanksHosts.com - Games These are all of the games available at HanksHosts.com

» 07/08/11 21:56 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
HanksHosts.com - Free Games and Information HanksHosts.com - Free Games and Information Animation done by Hank with Adobe After Effects CS4, Audio is a clip from the song "The Morning After" by "Fallou...

» 07/08/11 13:28 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
HanksHosts.com now has it's very own YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/rsdr55 http://bit.ly/rsdr55 www.youtube.com

» 07/08/11 03:30 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
HanksHosts.com is accepting donations to help cover the costs of hosting and domain renewal charges, check it out: http://bit.ly/qLqF5P

» 07/08/11 02:29 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
HanksHosts.com is now on Twitter! follow @HanksHosts for the latest updates! Don't forget, the latest updates for HanksHosts.com are avalible on the HanksHosts.com facebook page & on HanksHosts.com Home Page! Don't for...

» 29/07/11 14:24 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
I have updated the Message Hank page!, you can now upload files to sent to me! check it out at: http://hankshosts.pbworks.com/f/messagehank.html

» 28/07/11 17:05 from HanksHosts.coms Facebook Wall
I Have Finally Fixed All Errors With Internet Explorer

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