Mental   This website shows some different fitness aspects of Outdoor activities. By Hank Meyer & Justin Searle.  
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Mental Benifits of Life Outdoors

There are many mental benifits to life outdoors. Research in the Journal of Leisurability found that a 12-week kayaking programme enhanced feelings of self-worth, confidence and adequacy in participants. They also reported feeling better about their physical appearance.

Hank | Solo Trip - McCrae L. Conservation R. 2012

In my opinion, the best mental benifits from the outdoors are achieved when going solo. Bill Mason once said "All of my life people have been telling me you should never go alone. But it's interesting; I've never been told that by anybody who's ever done it." The solitude of being alone with nature is very good mentally because it can relive you of stress due to the simplicity of nature and it's surroundings.

A variety of studies over many years have shown faster recovery from stress in response to nature stimuli than built settings. These findings include a range of settings from nearby nature to wilderness. This focus is on physical, cognitive, and affective relaxation. Steven and Rachel Kaplan, of the University of Michigan, and Terry Hartig, of Uppsala University, have shown that nature experiences relieve mental fatigue. As a balance of too much directed attention, nature offers intrinsic interest and a sense of fascination. The restorative effects of a natural environment (whether time in a wilderness setting or a walk in a local nature preserve) leads to renewed attention and positive affect. (Source)